Aviotex KKC Sp. z o. o.

Our company continues the company’s long tradition dating back to 1922, producing excellent quality, durable and spacious villa-type tourist tents in a very wide range.

We also have experience in cooperation with the advertising industry, offering gazebos and advertising balloons with prints tailored to the individual needs of customers. We also offer quick-setting tents and tent halls (hall tents).

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The company history

1922. That’s when it all started. And although Legionowo is hardly associated with balloons today, here – in the industrial centre near Warsaw – the history of Polish ballooning has gained momentum.  From Poznań, the Central Aeronautical Works were moved to Legionowo.

However, repairing the coats of imported balloons was not the ambition of men who still cheerfully look at photographs suspended in our conference room and in the showcases of the Historical Museum in Legionowo.
But pioneering in Poland – independent production of balls – is something! It was started in Legionowo in 1924.
Initially, military observation and barrage balloons were sewn under the French license. Five years later, the assortment was expanded to include sports, advertising, tourist balloons, as well as tents and parachutes known as “Polski Irvin”.
Our predecessors made the largest and most famous balloons of the Second Polish Republic, such as: “Kościuszko”, “Polonia”, “Warszawa” and “Zürich III”. These are colossi with a volume exceeding 2200 m3!
How they flew! Under the supervision of military pilots four times (1933, 1934, 1935 and 1938), they won the Gordon Bennett Cup – the most prestigious balloon competition in the world.

Gray, inconspicuous, industrial Legionowo began to breathe international fame. It turned out to be such an excellent organizational background for ballooning that its enthusiasts moved here from… Warsaw. In the area of the then balloon port in Legionowo there was a large hangar. In case of bad weather, it protected upto 7 filled ball balloons – each with a capacityof 750 m3!

Ball balloons – a showcase of bets from Legionowo – were used for civilian purposes (meteorological research, aerial photography, sports competitions).

With the outbreak of World War II, many of the Central Balloon Plant’s ambitious plans collapsed. After the war, they were reactivated under the banner of Parachute Repair Works, which over time turned into the Aviotex Technical and Tourist Equipment Plant.

Aviotex today

We have been growing in a rich tradition for over 100 years, and since the 1990s – as AVIOTEX KKC Sp. z o.o. – a private company.

The age-old tradition of our company is a distinguishing feature that attaches invisible wings to us. Makes us fly high. We bravely look to the future.

Our goal is to constantly learn, develop, experiment. Surprise with solutions and follow the needs of customers.

Just talking about it is exciting for us, let alone if it comes to the daily implementation of orders… They are an inspiration, a challenge and… a pleasure for us. As well as contact with our regular customers – for whom we have been sewing premium advertising products for years – and with new contractors who entrust a part of their business to us.  


Sometimes we raise our eyebrows in admiration that we did something special. We pat ourselves on the back. High five. Sometimes we have these thoughts running through our heads: “Will anything ever surprise us in the pneumatic advertising industry again? Will we someday face a project that we deem unworkable?”

And that is the signal for us not to stop. Although the run is getting faster and sometimes we get short of breath. We persistently stand on the podium. And although we often do not have time for a glass of champagne, we love this state when we know that we are needed, because our products:

  • Make customers proud and event participants euphoric.
  • Set the most modern trends in outdoor advertising.
  • They come to the best outdoor events in Poland and Europe.

Our golden rules

Development. Through constant learning and reaching for what seems difficult.
Enthusiasm. We are happy to bring new projects to life.
Creativity. Our heads are mines of ideas. And that is why we sew the largest, widest and longest – the shapes that the soul desires!
People. For us – the most important. The people who make up our team. And the people for whom we work.
Ambitions. Until the very thought of you entrusting us with your project, and we will implement it epically.
Motivation. At a consistently high level!
Attraction. In the field of outdoor advertising, we are on top. We release small masterpieces. They hypnotizes the audience. And they flawlessly work for the benefit of your company.

How DO WE work?

  • Professionally
  • Innovative
  • Vigorously
  • With smile
  • Very quickly
  • Maximally engaged
  • Putting difficult elements aside
  • Meeting your needs
  • Respecting your feedback
  • Always on time
  • Impossible does not exist for us!
  • What does that mean? Absolutely the best pneumatic advertising in Poland!

We turn your needs into solutions – which will surprise your customers!

Because outdoor advertising can’t be boring!

  • Constant pressure gates open and close the event without feeling any pressure (we could say that they do not feel pressure and spins!). Pneumatic gates love sports emotions!
  • The advertising poles greet the arrivals in a neat way.
  • Pneumatic balloons invite you to places of the highest rank of events.
  • All tents (express, pneumatic and pressurized) are customer service meeting points – here you will get a good coffee, pick up your diploma and buy a key ring.
  • Unusual inflatable advertisements – our little miracles – in this field, the creativity of the Aviotex crew reaches its zenith! We will create anything you want for the best advertising campaign of your company! Let your imagination run wild!
  • Flags – indispensable at any outdoor event. Simple. Mobile. Attracting attention.
  • Advertising wobbles – they hypnotize with movements. They’re starting the party. You can’t resist their champagne humour. 

From the beginning to the end – what is the production of outdoor advertising in our company

Every balloon, pole, tent and wobble, every gate and flag, are created in our sewing room in Legionowo. They’re our kids.

Well-groomed. Cared for. Pampered (or rather: inflated). 😉 


Professional customer care is our speciality. Like ants, we work on every little detail and constantly improve internal processes.
Every outdoor advertising product passes through the hands of our employees – an experienced team of event advertising specialists.
We know that people have the greatest potential to implement the most demanding projects (although a modern machine park is also our huge asset!). And so, the department:

  • Trade: will ask you for all the details of your dream advertising project.
  • Graphic: will prepare the visualization.
  • Printing house – will conjure up any colour you dream of on white.
  • Cutting – manually, precisely and instantly, the huge format is shredded into neat pieces.
  • The seamstresses – they are not afraid of needles! Ready!
  • Fabric – takes care of details. The ropes securely fasten. The motors attach the whole in a moment. And outdoor advertising lighting is a piece of cake for them.
  • Test – a general test for each product. If anything is wrong, it’s at us. At your party, you will only hear whispers of admiration, thunderous applause and cheers from the audience.
  • Packing and shipping – so many of them have already been released into the world… and still sometimes a tear in the eye turns when they get into a “taxi” and go into the unknown. That is why we are happy to look at photos from outdoor events in which our gates, tents and balloons take part. We know that they will keep an eye on us, and if necessary, they will return to…
  • … Service – means an inspection of the state of outdoor advertising after the event and preparation for the next event. P.S. We don’t like to waste something. As a manufacturer of pneumatic gates, we give new life to those troublemakers (even if they did not come out from under our needle) and we treat with tenderness those who started with us. That is, full-service of pneumatics after outdoor events.