Advertising flags

Celebrities. They do not shy away from camera lights and flashes of flashes. They dress in colourful suits and are happy to present their charm.
They unveil the neat legs, and the wind blows their dresses. Weak at the first glance. But it’s just an illusion. They strongly “walk” on the ground.

They like to perform individually, but they flawlessly and phenomenonally appear in the arcade. Each of them is like a piece of cake:

• The essence of simplicity and craftsmanship. The simplest solutions are the most effective.
• Subtlety of the message about the presence of your brand. Their slim silhouettes and presence straight from the best catwalks of the fashion world effectively attract in outdoor circumstances.
• They fit perfectly in the crowd of other advertising elements of the event. They do not perish in the thicket of inscriptions, colours and forms. All because of its incredible growth.
• Lightness and mobility are the other side. They love to travel to the farthest corners of the globe. Take a few (at least one!) in your hand luggage, and you will make the glory of your brandfamous as the Earth is long and wide.
• Visible from far away. They hypnotize with gentle movements. They lure you. But they’re not mantis. Don’t be afraid! You can stand next to them safely. They just love how you look at them. And admire them.

They have one goal: to proudly showcase your company’s logo.

The advertising flag is an aesthetic gadget that will fit anywhere – even on a miniature marketing booth.

A discreet participant of the event.
With it, you will catch the wind of opportunities for your company!

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